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Country guides

Ski Property in Canada


Slightly larger than the USA, Canada the second largest country on the planet with its hugely diverse, famous landscapes and breathtaking scenery that includes more than 40 National Parks, is also home to the Rocky Mountains in Western Canada.

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Ski Property in France


With over one third of British skiers and snowboarders heading to France each year for their winter break, it has been estimated that over 150,000 Britons now live in France and that up to half a million own second homes in this very beautiful country. All ensuring the love affair with French Property is very much still alive.

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Ski Property in Switzerland


Switzerland is known for many things, home to discretion and secrecy in its private banking, cheese, chocolate and their world renowned ultra efficient rail network. Also until recently, a myth developed around the high prices of both purchasing property in Switzerland and day to day expenses. Thanks to its increasing popularity, more and more investors are seeing for themselves, that the reality is very different.

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