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Posted on Friday 27th November 2015 | Steve Thomas

Ski etiquette: how to win friends on the slopes in Nendaz

You have searched for property for sale in Switzerland, and you managed to find your dream getaway in the Swiss Alps resort of Haute Nendaz. Now you’re preparing for your first trip to an extraordinarily beautiful ski area which boasts runs for all abilities.

Whether you’re a complete novice, a beginner, or an experienced skier, your thoughts will likely be preoccupied with performance. But in reality, you’re far more likely to win friends and admirers with politeness than the ability to whizz down the trails like a pro.

Most people know not to tackle a run that's above their level. Paying heed to warning signs is another obvious must. However, you may not be familiar with ski etiquette: the golden rules of the slopes.

Here are some examples to give you a better idea of what's expected.

The right of way

The skier in front always has the right of way. Always. Therefore, the onus to avoid collision is on the skier behind. Having said that, you should always be aware of who is around you and never stop in the middle of a trail.

Don’t jump the queue

You wouldn’t march to the front of a line at the cinema, or walk past 20 people in a taxi rank to jump into the cab that’s just arrived. The same code applies on the slopes, and ignoring it is the height of bad ski etiquette. Queues for the lifts are a necessary evil of skiing so it’s best to adopt a patient attitude from the start.

Don’t litter

Having a beer in the ski lift may seem like a good way to enhance the ride, but where will you put the empty bottle when you get out? Dropping it from the lift en route is not an option. Resort staff do not take kindly to littering on the mountain - whether it’s glass, plastic or any other kind of rubbish.

Basic manners

Manners cost nothing, but a lack of them will quickly earn you an unenviable reputation at the resort. Always say please and thank you to lift operators working long, cold hours. Never mock struggling novices. Never trample on another person's skis. Do not engage in loud, personal conversations in crowded ski lifts.

Ski etiquette is integral to the safety and serenity of a resort, and will ensure everyone has the best time whilst on an off the slopes.

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