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Posted on Sunday 28th January 2024 | Steve Thomas

Travelling with Children to the French Alps

When you plan a special family holiday to the French Alps the build-up is almost as exciting as the trip - and the memories afterwards will last a lifetime. Something else that might feel like they last a lifetime are the travel days to get there and back.


Regardless of where in the world you live and how you’re making the journey, travelling with children can be tricky. Kids quickly get tired of sitting still and become fidgety, grumpy and bored.

We’ve come up with some top tips for travelling with kids to the French Alps that could help your next trip run more smoothly, whatever your mode of transport:

Pack distractions

Make sure that you have plenty of distractions easily accessible. By swapping the activities they have frequently, you can help make sure that they don’t get bored. Small games, colouring books and activity packs work well, but there’s also no shame in resorting to a bit more screen time than they’d usually indulge in at home.

Schedule breaks

Whether you’re driving, flying or even taking the train, building breaks into your schedule will help keep everyone from getting too stir-crazy. Twenty minutes burning off energy in an airport play area or a short break to walk around a pretty French town will pay dividends in halting the inevitable shouts of, ‘Are we nearly there yet?’

Pack a snack (or three!)

When you’re in transit, normal mealtimes can go out of the window, and it might be tricky to find food that your children like. By packing a selection of failsafe snacks, you can make sure that doesn’t become an issue that creates stress on your journey.

If you’re travelling regularly to the French Alps for family holidays, an investment property could be a great way to make the most of your time. Not only could a second home in the Alps help to cover the costs of your holidays, but the flexibility it affords could allow you to spend more quality time together in the French Alps. If a French investment property is something you’re interested in, get in touch today to find out how we can help.


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