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Posted on Tuesday 14th March 2023 | Lesley Thomas

The Alps aren’t just for skiers…

The Alps might be famous for their superior skiing, but this region is beautiful, bursting with history and has much more to offer than skiing.

The same conditions that make the Alps such excellent skiing terrain mean that they’re the perfect place to enjoy other winter sports too. Trying your hand at snow shoeing, snowboarding, ice climbing, mountaineering or any number of other winter sports could be a great way to try something different and make the most out of your next trip.

And the extreme sports appeal of the Alps isn’t limited to the winter, this region is perfect for thrill-seekers all year round. When the snow and ice thaws, you’ll find an even wider range of outdoor activities at your disposal. The mountains, crevices, rivers and lakes of the Alps mean that in the summer you can get involved in everything from white-water rafting and caving to sailing, jetskiing, rock-climbing, mountain-biking and more.

If you’re not much of an adrenaline junkie, never fear. Less terrifying pursuits are available! The Alpine region is also a firm favourite with naturalists, offering an incredible variety of wildlife: over 30,000 animal species and 13,000 plant species. Some Alpine meadows have as many as 80 species per 100 m2, so a simple walk in the Alps can be a nature-lover’s paradise.

 After a hard day of extreme sports or nature-loving, the other big draw of the Alps is the cuisine. Few can resist the lure of the cheese, meat and carb-heavy Savoyard cuisine of the French alps, essential to keep up energy levels when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. But beyond this more rustic cuisine, the lure of the Alps has also attracted many Michelin starred restaurants. The serious foodie will find plenty to enjoy about the cuisine of the Alps and the many local producers offering tours and tastings.

 If you’re tempted to invest in a holiday property, perhaps the wide appeal of this beautiful and interesting region will encourage you to invest in an Alpine chalet or apartment. If your appetite is whetted, get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help.






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