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Posted on Sunday 06th November 2022 | Lesley Thomas

Getting your holiday home in the Alps ready for winter

Whether your holiday home in the Alps is just for you, or rented out to guests, it’s essential that you get it ready for winter in order to prevent damage and ensure you and your guests get maximum enjoyment from it.

Here are our top tips for getting your Alpine home ready for the winter months:

Clean out the gutters

The autumn months are the perfect time to get your drains and gutters cleaned, as falling leaves and other debris can clog them up. Blocked gutters and drains can cause leaks and could ultimately result in penetrating damp in your property. By getting them cleaned before the winter months arrive, you can protect against damage to your property.

Service the boiler

Of course it’s vital that your boiler is serviced for safety reasons, but whether it’s due a service or not, checking it’s all in tip-top condition before the winter months arrive is always a good idea. A good heating engineer can troubleshoot any issues and flush the system if necessary to ensure your home is toasty and warm all winter long.

Put heating on a timer

Given how cold the Alps can get, it’s important that your home is heated whether there are guests or not. If your home gets too cold, the pipes could freeze and burst causing huge amounts of damage. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that you keep the house heated on a timer to a low temperature all through the winter months

Swap duvets

If you have seasonal duvets in your holiday home, make sure they are swapped over to winter-weight bedding before guests arrive. Whether it’s your family or paying guests, no-one is going to appreciate a 4.5 tog duvet on a snowy winter’s night in the Alps!

Stock up on hot chocolate!

Finally, it’s imperative that you ensure your chalet or holiday home is stocked up with the quintessential winter beverage - hot chocolate!

If you own Alpine investment properties and are thinking of expanding, we could be able to help. With an in depth knowledge of the market and properties available in many resorts across the French and Swiss Alps, we can help you to find your next great investment property - so get in touch today.



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