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Posted on Sunday 07th November 2021 | Lesley Thomas

Getting fit for the ski season

With coronavirus restrictions in place across the world for much of last season, many of us will have had fewer opportunities to get ski fit than usual. But with ski resorts very much looking forward to reopening in the next few weeks for the 21/22 season, it’s time to get back in shape if you’re planning a ski holiday.

Two of the most important areas of fitness for a skier are core strength and cardio. Get these two areas nailed, and you’ll be in a great place to enjoy your ski holiday.

Cardio fitness for skiers at home

While gyms may be open in some parts of the world, not everyone feels comfortable going into a gym right now. Luckily, you don’t need a gym to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Taking a brisk walk or jog each day will not only improve your physical fitness, but could also help your mental health and wellbeing - and doing this outside has even greater benefits.

If the weather is too foul for outdoor exercise where you are, you can also find lots of great cardio workouts on YouTube. If you get tired of straight workout videos, try searching for different dance workouts - bollywood, street dancing, Zumba and more.

Core strength for skiers

Having a strong core will help you to balance on the slopes, and reduce your chances of injury - so it’s a great area to focus on before a skiing holiday.

One of the best ways to improve your core strength is through Pilates, which focuses on strengthening the body evenly and improving balance, posture, strength and flexibility - all of which will come in handy when skiing.

As with cardio workouts, if you’re not yet comfortable with returning to a Pilates studio (or they haven’t reopened in your area) you can find lots of videos online. Cassey Ho of Blogilates is a great instructor and has videos to suit all needs and abilities.

If you’re a keen skier, owning an investment property in the Alps could be the perfect way to combine business and pleasure. If you’re interested in buying an apartment or chalet in the Alps, get in touch today and we can help you find the perfect property.






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