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Posted on Friday 01st February 2019 | Lesley Thomas

Alpine activities for the non-skiier

Hard though it may be to believe, skiing isn’t the activity for everyone. Perhaps you’ve got a friend or family member on your trip with injuries, little ones too small for the slopes or just someone who would rather hit the shops than the slopes.

Luckily skiing and snowsports are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to holiday activities in the Alps. Whether you’re looking for something less active or just a bit different, there’s sure to be an activity on offer for everyone.

 Do… less

For those looking for total relaxation, there’s little better than cosying up in a chalet or apartment with a good book and a roaring fire. Being warm inside while trees glisten with icicles outside can be a real treat, and doing very little can feel truly indulgent.

If you want to keep up the relaxation but venture out of the house, you’ll find that many hotels in the Alps boast luxury spas, in keeping with the needs of their well heeled clientele. Spa Thémaé de l’Hôtel Savoy in Meribel is one of the best rated, offering massages, facials and hammam treatments in a rarefied atmosphere.

See… sights

For those wanting to see some sights without the exertion of skiing, a sled ride through the snow can be a beautiful way to take in some local sights. Also in Meribel, you can find husky sledding available for groups of up to seven.

Sadly this next idea is not an activity suitable for under 12s, but the little ones can enjoy stunning views from a brand new cable car which has opened in Tignes. It’s the world’s largest open air cable car, and boasts stunning views of the mountains.

Eat... gourmet

The Alps is something of a foodie paradise - many resorts are in France, a gastronomic hotspot by anyone's standards, and combined with the clientele that ski resorts attract it’s resulted in some of the world’s best restaurants.

The region boasts at least five Michelin-star restaurants, for example the pitcure perfect resort of St Martin de Belleville offering up La Bouitte. If you’re a foodie, there’s plenty off the slopes to keep you interested - from tasty local specialities like fondue and raclette to high end gourmet experiences.

 Buy in the Alps

When you buy property in the Alps, you’ll become an expert on the local area, making you a great guide to your friends and family with interests outside of skiing. To find out more about investing in property in the Alps and the local amenities on offer, contact our knowledgeable team.


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