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Posted on Wednesday 03rd April 2019 | Lesley Thomas

Entertaining little ones on the move

A holiday home in the Alps can be a huge source of joy for you and yours. Just like any holiday, however, to experience the relaxing company of your family in beautiful surroundings, there’s usually some travel involved to get there.

When you have children in tow, the stress of travelling is often ratcheted up a notch or two, but never fear. We’ve got some easy solutions for keeping your children happy and relaxed while you’re on the move - whether you’re travelling by train, plane or car!

Keeping under fives occupied on journeys

The youngest children can be the trickiest to entertain - at this age, children often have short attention spans, and sitting still for long periods of time can be challenging.

Creating activity packs for your children is a great way to keep them occupied on journeys - and they’re easy to make. Choose some new books, games and small toys to put in a backpack, then top up with some print-off colouring sheets and snacks.

With lots of different activities to choose from, your little ones won’t get bored so quickly, and the novelty of new books and toys will go a long way to keeping them happy.

Entertaining primary school children on trips

If your children are a little older, their attention spans might allow them to sit still for a little longer. It’s worth downloading a few new films to a tablet if you have one, which will help the time to pass more quickly.

If you’d rather avoid too much screen time, you can also look up travel games to play as a family and take along some new books and magazines to pass the time.

Travelling with teenagers

Though generally easier to travel with than toddlers, it’s still worth making sure your teens are entertained on your trip. Notoriously always hungry, it’s worth packing plenty of snacks however old your children are, especially if you have picky eaters.

You could also offer them some Kindle or Apple Store credit to download some films and reading material, or offer to pay for a Spotify Unlimited subscription for the trip.

Family holiday home in the Alps

Though you can’t escape the stress of travelling with children, you might find holidays a whole lot more relaxing in your own holiday home. The whole family will feel more at home and better able to maintain a routine, making a better holiday experience for everyone!

To find out more about buying a chalet or an apartment in the Alps, get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

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