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Posted on Wednesday 14th March 2018 | Lesley Thomas

Keeping children safe and warm on the slopes

Introducing your little ones to the joys of skiing and snowboarding can be a fantastic experience for the whole family. It’s worth remembering, however, that taking part in snow sports is a chilly activity, and little ones are more susceptible than others to getting cold.

It’s not just their safety that’s important - although that is naturally your prime concern - but children who are wet and cold aren’t going to enjoy themselves, and won’t want to try skiing again.

We’ve collected some top tips for keeping children safe and warm on the slopes - so they’re eager to come back time and time again!


Most resorts now don’t allow children on the slopes without protection, and the most important piece of protective equipment is a helmet. Although you can often rent helmets on site, the fit and quality won’t be guaranteed. As it’s such an important piece of kit, it might be worth purchasing your own from a specialist skiwear store.

Fingers and toes

Extremities are the first places to get cold, so making sure your children have good, waterproof gloves and warm ski socks is a great first step to keeping them cosy and happy. It may also be worth investing in some snow boots for when you’re spending time in the resort - they’re more comfortable than wellies and usually have better grip on ice and snow.

UV protection

The intensity of the sun’s rays reflected off snow can make it easy to burn, so make sure you have a good high-factor sunscreen on hand for any areas that are exposed - mostly the face. A pair of reflective goggles will protect eyes from UV, as well as from the elements.

Layer it up

The best way to dress for the slopes is in layers - so little ones can easily get rid of a layer when they stop for hot chocolate or add an extra layer if they get chilly. Look for good base layers and team with fleeces, ski jackets and salopettes for layers that will keep them at the right temperature all week long.

Your own Ski Property

If you have a family that loves to ski, investing in an alpine ski chalet or apartment,  could be the perfect way to indulge in quality time together. Take a look at the properties available in our extensive portfolio or contact us to discuss what you are looking for in more detail. No matter what stage of your search you are at, we are here to help.

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