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Posted on Wednesday 18th July 2018 | Lesley Thomas

Three reasons to try summer glacier skiing

Skiing in the summer months is a foreign concept to most of us - but you can enjoy glacier skiing in the Alps for several months during the summer. There’s lots to recommend the experience - from more varied activities on offer away from the slopes to rubbing shoulders with pros. We’ve run down three of the best reasons to try glacier skiing in this blog.

Brush shoulders with professional athletes

Professional athletes can’t just take the summer off from skiing or snowboarding - they have to stay in shape and in practise. There are a limited number of glacier skiing spots in the Alps, so they have a higher concentration of professional athletes. That means you could find yourself sharing the slopes with some of the sport’s best athletes - a real bonus for skiing superfans!

Lots of professionals ski mostly in the week, and travel home at the weekend. Counterintuitively, this means that glacier skiing slopes can be quieter at the weekend - making it a perfect choice for a weekend break.

Make the most of parks

Glaciers offer a limited area on which it is possible to ski - so resorts make up for this by creating parks with lots of interesting features. With rails, kickers and boxes to practise, it’s a great place to have some fun and perfect your trick skills. Snow on the glaciers is also often softer than elsewhere, meaning that it hurts less when you land if you don’t quite pull off a trick first time!

A varied holiday

Going to a glacier skiing resort means that you can make the most of the best the Alps have to offer during both the summer and winter months. While there’s great skiing at higher altitudes, you’ll also find plenty to do lower down, so you can mix up your days. One day you could be hitting the slopes, the next you could be kayaking on a crystal clear Alpine lake.

You’ll also find most glacier slopes close around midday, so if you start early you can have the afternoon free for hiking, cycling or chilling out with a cold beer in the sun!

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