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Posted on Monday 29th January 2018 | Lesley Thomas

Getting fit for your ski holiday

You may think that unlike a beach holiday, where your body will be on full display, there’s no incentive to work out prior to a ski holiday. Well, that’s where you would be wrong. The muscles that you use skiing or snowboarding are very different to the ones you use on a day to day basis. If you want to get the most out of your ski holiday and not spend the first few days aching, it’s worth doing a few simple exercises in the weeks before you leave.

You’ll find that you have more stamina, more control and feel less achy in the first few days than you otherwise might. So just what sort of exercises should you be doing?


If you’re already a regular gym-goer and have generally good aerobic fitness, there’s no need to do any extra in the weeks before a ski holiday. If, on the other hand, you have a low level of fitness to start with, it’s worth putting in some groundwork to allow you to make the most of a ski holiday.

The good news is that aerobic exercise can be almost anything - perhaps you could cycle to work or get off the bus a few stops early? Doing some more intense cardio exercise like a few miles on a treadmill a couple of times a week or a Zumba class will help you to be even more prepared for the exertions of a ski holiday.

Work out your quads

Quadriceps are one of the muscle groups which works hardest when you’re skiing, and building strength in this area will help with your balance and stability. A good way to work out your quads is by doing step downs and split squats - around 30 repetitions of each daily will help you to lay a good foundation.

Improve balance

Balance is a key part of skiing well, and when your balance is compromised it can lead to falls and injuries. An easy and achievable way to do this is by standing on each leg for two minutes with your eyes closed daily.

It will be difficult at first but with daily practise you should begin to find the exercise easier and easier.

Getting fit isn’t the only way to prepare for a ski holiday - you’ll also need to find accommodation. If you’re a keen skier with an eye for a good investment, buying property in the Alps could be a great choice for you. To find out more about buying Alpine ski chalets and apartments in the Alps, get in touch with us today. 

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