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New Year, new... ski chalet?

Posted on Monday 08th January 2018 by Lesley Thomas

Lots of the resolutions that we make in January tend to be quite punishing - diets, exercise regimes and general deprivation. Given its reputation for being a depressing month, we think that there’s something to be said for making resolutions that make you happy this year - and what better way than making good on your intentions of investing in a ski chalet?

Spending money to boost your happiness might seem like a cynical marketing ploy- but investing in a holiday home is about much more than material assets and consumerism.

When you choose to spend your hard earned cash on a holiday home - like an Alpine ski chalet - what you’re doing is investing in quality time with your family. The ease of having a ready-made destination whenever you want to get away will make holiday planning a breeze.

Rather than stressing out about securing accommodation or the cost of getting away at peak times, you can focus on what matters - spending time with your loved ones. For parents, the option to get away at peak times without paying extra for the privilege will mean that you can get away every half term if it takes your fancy.

And for those who love to entertain, the ability to host friends at your chalet and celebrate special occasions in a beautiful part of the world is surely a huge draw.

So why should you choose to buy a holiday home in the Alps? We believe that the Alps offers the best of all worlds - not only is there the chance to ski, snowboard and toboggan to your heart’s content during the winter months, but in summer the area transforms. A balmy and mild summer climate allows for watersports, walking, mountain biking and more, so it’s a place your family will never tire of.

If you’re thinking of ringing in the new year with a ski chalet holiday home, get in touch with us today to find out more about buying abroad and how we can help.




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