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Posted on Wednesday 14th February 2018 | Lesley Thomas

The Winter Olympics: A history

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are now upon us - but this less celebrated sibling to the Summer Olympics has a fascinating history. We’ve taken a look at when the games started and what’s happened since then in a fascinating potted history of the Winter Olympics, sure to whet the appetite of any ski fanatic:

The first Olympic Winter Games in 1924 were held in Chamonix, organised by the French Olympic Committee and only recognised officially in retrospect by the International Olympic Committee. Until as late as 1992 they took place in the same year as the Summer Games, and it is only in the last few decades that they have taken place in the second winter after a Summer Games has taken place.

Some winter sports had, until 1924, been events at the Summer Games (namely figure skating and ice hockey). However, the number of events which could be held was naturally limited by the season, and it was decided that a second event to be held in the winter months would allow a greater number of winter sports athletes to compete.

In total, at the first Olympics, 16 events were contested in five sports. In 2018, that number will be 102 events in 7 sports - although the number of events has increased drastically, the core sports contested has not.

Over a fascinating history, the Winter Olympics have seen such characters as Eddie the Eagle (an amateur British ski jumper), the Jamaican Bobsled team and in 2018, a Nigerian Bobsled team will be taking part in the event. Like the Summer Olympic Games, it celebrates the hard work of athletes from around the world with vastly different access to training, funding and facilities, making it an inspiring event to watch.

The 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off in Seoul, South Korea on February 9th and make fascinating watching for any winter sports fan. If you’re inspired by the courageous athletes taking part in the Games, perhaps it’s worth looking at an Alpine investment property?

Offering great rental returns and the opportunity to ski whenever you want to, owning a ski chalet can be a great move for those who love winter sports. Get in touch today to find out more about the property we have available across the Swiss and French Alps.




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