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Posted on Monday 16th October 2017 | Steve Thomas

Spectacular autumn colours in Mont Tremblant

New England might be the most famous place in North America to see the fall colours, but we think Canada’s Mont Tremblant is definitely a contender. Though the resort is most famous for its excellent skiing opportunities, it’s a great destination to visit in the autumn months, as winter draws in.

The area around the slopes is thickly forested with trees that do lose their leaves. Many ski resorts are surrounded by forest, but forests of evergreen trees like pines, which neither lose their leaves nor turn such spectacular colours as autumn draws in.

This means that there’s a cacophany of beautiful colours to be seen, starting in September and extending throughout the following months. Vibrant reds and oranges transition into loud yellows and leftover greens, and the colours fade into one another to create a beautiful patchwork on the hills around Mont Tremblant.

Looking at the trees isn’t all that there is to do at this time of year either; downtown Mont Tremblant boasts picture-perfect shops and houses that could have come straight out of a picture book. Take a stroll around town, stop for coffee and soak up some cosy vibes in this delightful town.

If adrenaline-pumping sport is more your thing, autumn is the perfect time to try out some of the activities Mont Tremblant has to offer. The cooler weather makes it a great time to try out some adventure sports that require some exertion - like treetop trekking, ziplining or rock climbing.

Though Mont Tremblant has plenty going for it all year round, aficionados of the fall colours will love taking a trip as autumn draws in. If you fall head-over-heels for Mont Tremblant and you’d like to buy property in this breathtaking part of the world, then get in touch. We have four-bedroom townhouses under construction less than five minutes from the ski slopes - perfect for lovers of winter sports.

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