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Posted on Thursday 25th May 2017 | Steve Thomas

Use an app to find the best hiking routes in the Alps

When the snow has melted from all but the highest peaks and the Alpine wildflowers are coming into bloom, there’s no place better than the Alps for hiking. Offering spectacular views of some of Europe’s highest peaks as well as beautiful lakes and thick forests, it’s a landscape with something for everyone.

If you haven’t hiked in a place previously, finding a suitable route to hike can be tricky - but with a plethora of apps now on the market to solve just such a problem, you can find a hike of any length, in any place, any time you like.

For instance, Yonder offers the opportunity to connect with other hikers, as well as seeing the routes that they’ve walked in more than 200,000 locations globally. It makes it an easy way to find local trails that might be suitable for your needs.

Staying safe on an Alpine hike is crucial, so make sure you’ve downloaded a reliable weather app to check out conditions before you set off. You can also use an app called Cairn, which allows you to log your planned route, tracks whereabouts you are on it and lets trusted contacts know where you were last tracked if you don’t return in time.

That’s the practical side of Alpine hiking apps covered, but taking to the mountains is a fun activity, and it’s one you might like to brag about! Ramblr is a great resource for anyone who likes to document - you can record technical stats like the highest point reached and the speed and length of the climb, as well as recording geotagged audio and video to look back on afterwards.

Of course, no-one wants to spend a day in the Alps glued to their smartphone, but downloading a few simple apps can make planning and completing a hike easier, safer and more fun - so why not take a look for yourself?

If you’re a keen hiker then a second home in the Alps could be the perfect investment opportunity for you - take a look at what we’ve got available in our portfolio of properties in the Swiss and French Alps right now.

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