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Posted on Wednesday 04th January 2017 | Lesley Thomas

Catered chalets – the ideal option for everyone

Whatever you’re booking, a week long getaway with family or a break with friends, one decision that must be made is whether you’ll be going self-catering, all inclusive or somewhere in between. For a luxurious getaway in the Swiss or French Alps, we think there’s only one option if you don’t own your own place yet in the Alps - a catered chalet.

There’s something very nice about not having to think about your mealtimes - or washing up - and catered chalets offer you just that luxury.

Catered chalets are available at all levels; you can opt for haute cuisine and three meals a day with canapes, cocktails and the whole nine yards, or you can opt for hearty, home-cooked meals at breakfast and dinner time - and of course, there’s everything in between.

For a large group renting a chalet together, catering can make sense as it removes the stress of any one person cooking for the group. Eating together at the chalet can also be much cheaper for a large group; you can get delicious, restaurant-standard food every night without paying restaurant prices.

You can also avoid the bustle and noise of restaurants by eating at your chalet; you’ll be waited on and enjoy all of the perks of going to a restaurant without the downsides of having to compete for a server’s attention.

For groups including children a catered chalet can ensure that there are child-friendly food options available at an appropriate time - for babies and younger children, it can be very handy to be able to feed them dinner and put them to bed before the adults sit down to a late, relaxed dinner.

Teenagers and adolescents will also appreciate the freedom of being in the chalet to eat dinner; rather than having to wait for the adults to finish a meal, they can leave the table earlier if they wish to do so.

Of course, for many the biggest appeal of a catered chalet is the food itself; top catering companies offer delicious menus full of fresh, seasonal ingredients that reflect the food traditions of the local area.

The ability to offer input on the menu means that those with specific dislikes or allergies are easily catered for, and special requests can be accommodated without a fuss.

Whether you own your own chalet in the Alps or just rent one for holidays, getting a catering company in is always a great decision - and with so many options available, there’s sure to be one that fits the bill.

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