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Posted on Friday 14th October 2016 | Lesley Thomas

Three of the most scenic Alpine journeys

The Alps are spectacular from any angle, but the changing views of the mountain range offered by takin a trip through the Alps, whether by plane, train or automobile, are truly something else.

Some ways to see the mountains are more impressive than others, so we’ve pulled together three of the most scenic trips to take through the Alps, to enjoy as part of a ski break or holiday at any time of the year.

The Glacier Express

Running east to west across the Swiss Alps, the Glacier Express is a railway famed not only for the beautiful route, but also for the luxurious appointment of the train - it’s a seriously stylish way to travel.

The nature of trains and mountains mean that the trip, which takes just over seven hours, takes in 91 tunnels and a staggering 291 bridges, as well as mighty mountains, quaint villages and in summer, gorgeous Alpine wildflower meadows.

Helicopter tour

Splash out on a helicopter tour to see the Alps from a completely different point of view; not only will you see them from an angle that’s impossible in anything but a plane or helicopter - you’ll also be able to fly much closer and into smaller gaps than even an aeroplane can manage, making it a totally unique experience.

It’s an exhilarating experience that’s sure to be the highlight of a trip, and helicopter flights can be arranged from most of the major ski-resorts. It’s also a easy and quick way to transfer to and from the airport if you’re flying to the Alps, so consider combining the two to make the most of the experience.

San Bernardino Pass

A route which passes through the Swiss Alps, the San Bernardino Pass offers both breath-taking views and relatively easy driving - while you will find the odd hairpin bend, roads are generally smooth and fairly wide, unlike some tracks in the Alps.

For a drive that’s stress-free without missing out on the scenery, aim to take this trip in the summer months rather than winter - it’s the ideal time for a Swiss road-trip, taking in all of the most beautiful areas of the Alps.

One way to ensure you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy the scenery in the Alps is to buy a holiday property in the region. You’ll be able to discover the best things about the mountains all year round, and having a base in the area will allow you the freedom to explore far and wide.

We offer properties in all of the French and Swiss Alps most desirable ski resorts, including Verbier, Chatel and Morzine - and they’re just as beautiful in the summer months. Get in touch to find out more about our portfolio and how easy finding a bolthole in the Alps can be.

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