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Posted on Friday 13th May 2016 | Lesley Thomas

What makes skiing in the Alps the best in the world?

Wherever you find temperatures that drop below zero and mountains soaring skyward you’ll find adventure lovers who want to scale them and ski them, but what makes skiing in the mountain range which forms the Alps so amazing?


From barely-there gradients perfect for beginners to dramatic steep runs, the Alps offer some of the most varied terrain in the world when it comes to skiing.

It’s a trait that makes a ski trip to the Alps a great option for the whole family, with lots of resorts offering multiple options to keep everyone happy.

You’ll also find that the mixed terrain along with the pretty Alpine villages and forests make for an incredibly picturesque setting - it will take a long time to find a view as beautiful.


The sport of skiing was invented in Europe, and with that comes the kind of history that you just won’t find in North America (or anywhere else, for that matter.)

From beautiful cobbled streets and old buildings in the ski resorts themselves to delicious traditional food and drink, history makes the apres-ski scene as charming as the views. On rest days you can take in some of the local culture, and explore some of Europe’s oldest towns and villages.


In many North American ski resorts, perhaps because of the extreme compensation culture which exists there, skiers are often very strongly discouraged from going off-piste.

In the Alps, on the other hand, making the most of the mountain - discovering some exciting new sights and experiences off-piste - is positively encouraged for confident skiers, providing the necessary precautions have been taken.

It can make for a really special day, and going off-piste is just one of the reasons that the Alps are an incredibly special place.

And another thing…

In some other mountain ranges, altitude sickness can put a damper on a ski holiday, but the Alps are low enough to all but rule out that possibility and ensure it doesn’t ruin your getaway!

You can really make the most of the Alps with a second home in this beautiful part of the world,  If you’re thinking of buying a property, please get in touch with us to see the beautiful properties in our extensive portfolio.

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