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Posted on Friday 29th January 2016 | Lesley Thomas

Skiing tips for beginners

A skiing holiday is something that many of us dream about, but not everyone is brave enough to take the plunge – or rather take to the slopes (hopefully there will be no plunging involved)! The Alps are the perfect destination for your first skiing holiday, with picture perfect scenery, great resorts and plenty to keep everyone entertained.

Here we have collected a few tips to help you make the most of your trip and develop a taste for skiing.

1. The first tip is about your kit. The potential cost of kitting yourself out can be something that puts a lot of people off, but it needn’t be expensive, and in fact for your first trip it shouldn’t be. The best thing to do is borrow as much as you can. If you have a few friends who already ski ask them why they like the kit they have, and try a few things out to see what you find comfortable before you go (although do bear in mind it will feel a little different when you are in situ!)

2. Choose a chalet for your accommodation. Skiing is hard work; it’s not all about gliding around showing off your style, and you will be glad of a few little luxuries when you return at the end of a day on the slopes. Finding somewhere with a catered option is good too, as you may not feel like cooking! If you find you've really got the bug you can always look into chalets for sale in France!

3. Don’t let your friends teach you their bad habits! The best, in fact the only, way to learn is book yourself into a ski school. This may seem a bit extravagant, but you will get so much more out of your time on the slopes than you will trying to muddle through while your friends run out of patience. There are some great indoor facilities where you can have a practice before you go so you can get the feel for it and master some of the basics – that way you can get out on the runs that much quicker!

4. Get yourself in shape before you go – as we said above skiing is physically demanding, and you don’t want to find you’re too exhausted to enjoy your trip. No need to train for a marathon but you want to feel pleasantly tired at the end of the day!

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