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Posted on Wednesday 31st August 2016 | Lesley Thomas

Autumn: The Alps’ best kept secret

The Alps are, of course, most famous for their skiing and picturesque scenery during the winter months, but they’re almost as well loved for the beautiful wildflower meadows and scenic walks available during the summer months.

One season that is less appreciated than it perhaps could be is autumn in the Alps. The closing in of the evenings and the beautiful light that makes the fall months so anticipated the world over is nowhere so pronounced as in the Alps.

With the sun lying lower in the sky, you’ll find that long shadows and warm light make the mountains more spectacular than ever.

The beginnings of a chill in the air make the climate all the more temperate for exertion - you can comfortably take long walks in the middle of the day without worrying about overheating, and it’s the perfect time of year to take part in other sports like mountain biking in the Alps.

At the same time, paths have not yet been blocked by snow and it’s still easy to get around on foot before the first snow has fallen; for those who suffer in the heat, autumn is an excellent time to partake in an activity holiday.

You’ll find plenty of events going on at this time of year too; while early autumn sees charming local harvest festivals taking place, in the latter months of the season you’ll also start to see festive Christmas markets popping up. 

The Alps are the holiday destination that just keeps on giving; as soon as you think that you’ve discovered the best time of year to visit, the next season comes around with a whole new set of experiences to enjoy.

It’s just one of the reasons that the Alps make such a delightful location for a holiday home; each season you visit in it’s like a whole different destination. If you’re in the market for a holiday home with year-round appeal, take a look at some of the gorgeous ski chalets in our portfolio in resorts and towns all around the Swiss & French Alps.

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