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Posted on Tuesday 29th September 2015 | Lesley Thomas

Switzerland: the happiest place on earth

With its tranquil lakes and majestic mountains, Switzerland has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is little surprise that international buyers are snapping up apartments and chalets for sale in Switzerland in resorts like Nendaz and Verbier. As well as the stunning scenery, thriving economy and friendly people, Switzerland has one other thing to offer: happiness. 

In 2015, Switzerland was named the happiest country in the world. This was the result of a survey in which 158 nations took part to compile the World Happiness Report. The survey measured the presence of factors that make people happy, including life expectancy and a life free from corruption. Here are seven more reasons that Switzerland is the happiest place in the world.

1. Getting around

 Travelling around by car and public transport in many parts of the world can be a nightmare sometimes, with road rage and delays. But not in Switzerland, where public transport is safe, reliable, on time and clean, and if the roads are busy, everyone just takes it in their stride and stays calm. 

2. Friendly people

The Swiss speak to strangers, enjoy a laugh and keep in touch with their friends - by catching up in person, not over Facebook.

3. Organic produce

The vast majority of Swiss produce is both free range and organic. Even the animals enjoy life, roaming free and being well looked after. Pesticides are not as widely used and more produce is grown and sold by smallholders.

4. It’s beautiful

Yes, this has already been mentioned, but it’s official. There are 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, lakes that are notably cleaner than swimming pools in many countries, and access to nature wherever you are in the country.

5. Fresh water

There is free, fresh water at public fountains everywhere you go. Just take a refillable bottle and you can immediately cut your consumption of plastic bottles.

6. Food and drink

You already know about Swiss chocolate, it’s the stuff of legends. But you may not be aware of how amazing the cheese, wine ( of which less than 5% is exported ! ) and beer are. Now that’s enough to make anybody happy.

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