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Posted on Thursday 29th October 2015 | Lesley Thomas

The Swiss Alps in the movies

With its stunning views and imposing mountain passes, the Swiss Alps have become a very popular filming destination over the years, especially for high octane thrillers and car chase scenes.So, here's three of the many famous movies that have been filmed in and around the Swiss Alps, covering everything from Bond to Bollywood.

1. The Eiger Sanction

This 1975 thriller, based on the novel by Rodney William Whitaker under the pen name Trevanian, was set almost entirely on the mountains and slopes of the Swiss Alps in the late 60s and early 70s, mainly on Eiger in the Bernese Alps. Starring Clint Eastwood, it tells the story of an art dealer who is also a part time killer. Although not often remembered today, at its time The Eiger Sanction was a worldwide blockbuster, and one of the highest grossing movies of the mid 70s. It is also rumoured to have caused a sudden interest in visiting the Swiss Alps, albeit not as an assassin that doubles as an art collector.

2. Krrish 3

This Bollywood science fiction adventure thriller has made the Sphinx Observatory in the Swiss Alps famous across India. In the movie, the Observatory is used as the location for the scientific laboratory of the main villain, Kaal, where he creates a race of mutants that he plans to use to take over the world. The third in a superhero trilogy, the movie grossed $44 million worldwide when it was released in 2013.

3. Goldfinger

This classic James Bond movie was filmed all over the world, but the section filmed in the Swiss Alps has made one hotel a common holiday destination for Bond fans. One the movie's most famous scenes was filmed in the Swiss Alps, on the mountain passes near Andermatt, which is close to Berne, the capital of Switzerland. During this car chase, the cars pass Hotel Belvédère on the Furka passover, a classically designed Swiss hotel. Since its release, thousands of Bond fans have made the pilgrimage to Hotel Belvédère, and continue to do so to this day.

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