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The Swiss Alps aren't just for skiing

Posted on Wednesday 21st October 2015 by Steve Thomas

Lots of people looking at property for sale in the Alps probably associate the region primarily with winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, and they wouldn't be wrong.

However, there are plenty of things to do in the Swiss Alps that don't include hurtling down a mountain at dangerous speeds, most of which are accessible by public transport. So here's a list of a few things to do in the Swiss Alps that don't require you to get your skis on!

1. Travel on the Bernina Express

If skiing is a bit fast paced for you, and you want to do something relaxing while on holiday or looking at property for sale in the Swiss Alps, then the Bernina Express is most definitely for you. This slow moving, scenic train connects Chur in Switzerland to Tirano and Poschiavo in Italy, via the Swiss Alps. The train travels to a number of different destinations across the Swiss Alps and beyond, so you can either use it as your transport for a day out, or just to see as much of stunning scenery as you can!

2. Take the Gornergrat Bahn

Like the Bernina Express, the Gornergrat Bahn is another train that runs through the Swiss Alps, but this one is a little different. Unlike the Bernina, this is a mountain rack railway, and travels higher up the Alps all the way from the village of Zermatt to the summit of Gornergrat, giving you some spectacular views along the way. A warning, though; this train travels very high up and is not for anyone remotely scared of heights!

3. Visit the Monte San Salvatore

Again not a great idea for anyone scared of heights, the Monte San Salvatore is a fabulous mountain in the Swiss Alps that is accessible by train. It offers great views of the surrounding region and the beautiful Lake Lugano, one of the most serene places in all of the Swiss Alps.

4. Take in the views from the Sphinx Observatory

The Sphinx Observatory is most famous for appearing in Krrish 3, a Bollywood movie, in which it is the lair of the film's villain. Situated in the town of Jungfraujoch, and 3,571 metres (or 11,716 feet) above mean sea level, it has some of the best views in the Alps.

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