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Posted on Tuesday 16th June 2015 | Steve Thomas

What you can expect from living in the Swiss Alps

Whilst lots of people love looking at apartments and chalets for sale in the Swiss Alps, many of them haven't thought about how they would adjust to living or spending extended amounts of time in a new county. So, to give you more of an idea about what you can expect from living in the Swiss Alps, here's some more information about the climate, the culture, and the landscape of the region.

The climate

The climate of the Swiss Alps is very diverse, mainly due to the fact that the geography of the region is so varied. Many of the towns and villages in the Swiss Alps, like Nendaz, Les Collons, and Verbier, are at different altitudes,which has a major effect on their particular weather conditions. In addition, there are five different zones in the Alps, each with its own climate. Whilst lots of people think it is snowy all year round, some areas of the Alps actually experience very warm, dry weather in the summer months, warmer than the Cote d’Azur In the winter, however, expect cold temperatures and lots of snow - perfect for skiing and snowboarding!

The culture

The Swiss Alps has its own unique cultural identity, which differs from traditional Swiss culture. As the region is so close to many other countries, including Germany, Italy, and France, the culture of the Swiss Alps takes influences from all of these different countries, and mixes them with aspects of Swiss culture. For more information on the culture of the Swiss Alps, you can read our blog posts, 'A beginner's guide to Swiss history and culture' and '4 of the best Swiss dishes'.

The landscape

Along with the winter sports and the laid-back lifestyle, the landscape is one of the main things that draws people to look at chalets and apartments for sale in the Swiss Alps. The landscape truly is one of the most beautiful in Europe, and, like the climate, is also surprisingly varied. The subalpine zone (the area nearest sea level), the glacial zone (the highest altitude), and the alpine zone (the one in between) all have their own geographies, from the subalpine fields and pastures, to the snow-capped glacial mountain tops.

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