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Posted on Thursday 16th July 2015 | Steve Thomas

The Swiss Alps: a great choice for expats

A recent study undertaken by InterNations has revealed that expatriates residing in Switzerland currently rate the country as providing the best quality of life in the eurozone. There are numerous reasons that the Swiss Alps make a fantastic base - whether you’re considering retirement here or looking for business opportunities, there truly is something for everybody in this magnificent part of the world.

There’s a large expat community here

Although immersing yourself in the local culture is part and parcel of expatriate life, it can sometimes be reassuring to know that there are reasonably large pockets of expats to be found within Switzerland. When looking for apartments for sale in the Swiss Alps, many Brits abroad are surprised to learn that some of their prospective neighbours are from closer to home than they had first envisaged. Of course, that’s not to say the area is Little England, either – there are numerous international cultures settled in the Alps and Swiss traditions are still widely practised. It truly is the best of all worlds.

The scenery

As with the entirety of the Alps – which spans sections of Germany, France, and Italy – Switzerland is home to some areas of outstanding natural beauty. Witnessing a sunrise hitting the face of the Matterhorn is like witnessing a true wonder of the world; it has to be seen to be believed.

The Alps are home to some of Europe’s finest ski resorts

A love of winter sports is often the main attraction for expats seeking property for sale in the Alps. Apartments and chalets make a fantastic base during skiing season, and can even be used to generate income by renting them out if you’re not intending on living in Switzerland all of the time. Peak times command peak rents, which is perhaps another main attraction to property investors in the area.

The Alps make a great base for travel throughout Europe

Given their close proximity to some of Europe’s major cities and travel routes, it’s no surprise that the Alps have remained an important part of the history of the continent. Nowadays, it’s easy to take off for a day or two to almost anywhere in Europe with minimum fuss. If you live in the Swiss Alps, you can take in some culture in Vienna, experience Oktoberfest and enjoy a sporting day or two in Italy – all with just a few hours’ notice.

Crime is low, and the economy is in good health

Property investment in the Swiss Alps remains a good idea because the economy here is so steady. On top of a comfortable standard of living with excellent education and healthcare, the crime rate is also low, which in turn helps make the Alps a fantastic place to live and work. 

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