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Posted on Monday 27th April 2015 | Steve Thomas

Flaine - the snowy bowl

Flaine is a charming ski resort located up in the Haute Savoie region of France and is linked to the wider Grand Massif domain across the territories of the Magland and Araches communes.

The site of the town was originally discovered back in 1959 by Swiss architect Gerard Chervaz and a geophysicist called Eric Boissonas who set about creating a cutting edge ski resort, employing noted Bauhaus architect Marcel Breur to undertake the design.

The skiing

The resort is noted for being one of the most consistently snowy places in the Alps; in fact, it is sometimes referred to as the big snowy bowl by the locals. Flaine also enjoys a reputation for being a well-rounded resort, offering rewarding ski challenges for all levels of ability.

Summer activities

Flaine is not only a great place to be during the wintertime. During the summer, it is an excellent place for those who love to walk and really appreciate the outdoors with local lifts giving access to the Desert de Plate, a beautiful local limestone path and trail.

From June to September, walkers can continue on from there to Refuge de Plate several miles away. There are wonderful trails and walks to be enjoyed in just about every direction.

The arts

Flaine is not only well-known for its ski runs and consistent snow, it is also well regarded for its involvement in the arts, including things like the Flaine International Music Academy. Each year in August, the academy hosts a series of free concerts in the town’s 500-seater auditorium.

Where to eat

Once you have worked up an appetite, be it on the slopes or out on the hiking trails, you are going to be in need of a hearty meal come the evening. Flaine boasts a number of nice restaurants including Brasserie les Cimes, which offers an excellent selection of simple home-cooked style foods in a very cosy atmosphere. There is also the Sucre Sale at Foret, which is well-known locally for its pita bread wraps and healthy food options.

For those looking for a slightly different dining experience, the Cascade is one for you. They will pick you up on a snowmobile and give you enormous portions of fondue; it’s certainly one that you will remember!

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