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Posted on Wednesday 22nd April 2015 | Steve Thomas

Discover Vaujany

The stunning village resort of Vaujany lies high up in the mountains, gazing out towards the Grandes Rousses massif to the south. The village itself is a beautiful blend of the traditional and the modern, with unspoiled alpine mountain farms rubbing shoulders with more recent ski developments.

Vaujany is one of the 20 small village boroughs that come together to form the Oisans canton in the northern territory of the French department of Isere, near to the southern limit of Savoie. Indeed, its name derives from the Latin Via-janus, meaning way though or passing point, a reference to its closeness to the Savoie.

The evolution of the area into a superb ski resort is thanks in part to the hydroelectric dams of Grand'Maison, which since their completion in 1985 have paid Vaujany an annual rent (currently around the three million Euros mark) that the area has invested in its leisure facilities.

In recent years the area has seen an upturn in the number of its skiing visitors, mainly families and very serious skiers, both attracted by its quieter style and the varying slope challenges that are available in close proximity to the village.

Where to eat

The most popular restaurant in the area is a place called Restaurant la table de la fare. Located conveniently near to the ski lifts in the town centre, the restaurant offers a great range of local cuisine for you to try, complemented of course by a selection of great French wine. It is slightly more expensive than elsewhere in the village, but given the quality of its food and drink and the friendly welcome, it is one not to be missed.

Elsewhere there is the charming Hotel de Rissious, a small but cosy restaurant located near the centre of the village. Here you will find sumptuous home cooked, traditional French cuisine alongside some more mainstream offerings. All the food on offer here is priced very reasonably, so if you are looking for a bargain this is a place that you need to head to.

Night life

After your full day on the local slopes, if you are looking for a drink and a little light entertainment then there a couple of decent hostelries for you to check out in Vaujany. Your first port of call should be Arsen's Cafe Pub, a great little place that offers a wide range of wines, beers and spirits to quench your thirst after a day's skiing.

The other is the Swallow Bar, which is where the majority of the younger end of the ski clientèle tend to head when nightfall comes. Things here can be a little more lively, so for those looking to find the nighttime energy of Vaujany, this is the place for you.

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