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Posted on Wednesday 15th April 2015 | Lesley Thomas

5 tips for decorating your Alpine ski chalet

When you're looking at chalets for sale in the Alps, you're bound to start thinking about how you might decorate yours once you buy it. Decorating ski chalets can be fun and exciting and a chance to put your own mark and style on the place. To help you, here are five tips to make your ski chalet, your dream home from home.

1. Make the most of the wooden interior

Alpine ski chalets tend to have wonderful wooden interiors, so make the most of yours. Instead of covering the floors with rugs and the walls with pictures, why not just have a few, and let the wooden interior shine through? Try matching your wooden furniture with the colour of your walls and floors, and using wooden kitchen utensils and implements where you can - it all adds to that authentic ski chalet feel.

2. Make it warm

Your ski chalet should be warm, inviting and cosy, and one of the best ways to make it like this is by using calm, warm colours. It's best to keep the colour palette simple, as the wooden interior will take centre stage, so warming creams and browns work best, with dashes of dark red and orange. Try using one or two base colours in every room, with touches of different brighter colours to give each section of the chalet its own vibe.

3. Emphasise the fireplace

If you have one, the fireplace will be one of the key features of your Alpine ski chalet - and for good reason. When you come in from a hard day on the slopes at Meribel, Courchevel, or Verbier, for example,  you're going to want to sit by the fire, warm up, and rest your tired body. Your fireplace will be the centre of your living area, so plan the room around it. Put a couple of soft, comfy chairs and a good sized coffee table nearby to encourage you and your guests to socialise in front of it. Try decorating the mantelpiece with family pictures, mementos, and ornaments, and making the most of your firewood by piling it in a stylish basket. Retro fire pokers and gloves are also great ways to make the practical part of having a fireplace look good.

4. Make it comfortable

A good ski chalet needs lots of fluffy, furry cushions, blankets and rugs to really make it a home. Scatter your rugs throughout the house, mainly in doorways and areas where people will be standing most often, like in the kitchen and bathroom. Cover your sofas and chairs with cushions and throws, so that when you come home from a long session on the slopes, you can sit down and get comfortable as soon as you walk in the door.

5. Make it practical

As much as you'll want your chalet to look great, you must also make sure it's practical. Remember, your chalet is going to take a lot of wear and tear - you'll be coming home with snowy, slushy shoes and storing heavy ski equipment in it, so make sure you get flooring that's durable and hard-wearing. Refrain from putting any expensive ornaments near the entrance or where you store your skiing gear.

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