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Posted on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 | Steve Thomas

Nendaz’s star is truly rising !

An announcement was made on the 18th September 2014 that will see the international spot light focus on Nendaz, Switzerland, like it never has done before !

Raffles Education Corporation Limited has announced that ‘the group intends to start a Hospitality Management School, a Design School and Swiss International Baccalaureate School in Switzerland’, and to this end has completed the purchase of Hotel Nendaz 4 Valles and Spa, a number of commercial units and a substantial plot of land within the centre of Nendaz.

The hotel will allow students both from Switzerland and other countries in which Raffles operates to gain valuable hospitality experience through internships at the Hotel. Whilst the purchase of the land and commercial units will provide two buildings to be used a teaching rooms, accommodation, a student canteen, as well as basketball court and recreational grounds.

This is a hugely significant announcement for Nendaz, as the growth in infrastructure that comes with the development of these premier private education facilities, will see the resort grow from a dual season destination, to an all year round one. As has been seen in the likes of Villars, which also has its own International School, this announcement signals the way for a significant influx of key luxury retailers to Nendaz, keen to provide a service, to the students and their families.

So what does this mean for the property market in Nendaz, well if parallels can be drawn with Villars, the positive impact on prices will be dramatic. Not only will Nendaz become a draw for a wider international audience, but also families keen to have a base, to be closer to their children that are enrolled at the school  will be looking to purchase property. Not to mention the expansion of the resort to all year destination is bound to see visitor numbers grow significantly. However given the low inventory of available properties and the ruling on prohibiting new 2nd homes, then this natural squeeze, can only see prices rise in one direction, up and up….

For more information on properties for sale in Nendaz, please contact me at steve@alpinepropertyinvestments.co.uk

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