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Posted on Monday 15th December 2014 | Lesley Thomas

To buy or not to buy in Meribel

The idyllically traditional Alpine village of Meribel lies in the centre of the Three Valleys region, surrounded by the beautiful snow-topped mountains. Meribel was founded by British man Peter Lindsay in 1928, and to this day retains a particularly British feel. As the Three Valleys name suggests, there are three nearly parallel valleys, and Meribel is in the centre of these.

The Three valleys area is one of the largest linked ski areas in the world, and Meribel is particularly well situated for skiing as it enjoys the protection of the surrounding steep slopes, so the snowfall and weather conditions remain reasonably consistent and favourable compared to other regions. Therefore, buying a ski property in Meribel is an excellent choice because you can be assured of consistently high quality skiing. As well as the snowfall remaining more level and smooth, the weather is more settled, which means that with a ski property in Meribel you can ski better and for longer than other areas. The selection of facilities and runs available varies from those suitable for beginners to those that the more experienced skiers prefer. This makes it an ideal location to enjoy a break with extended friends and family, as you can always be certain that there will be something to suit everyone.

This is of course a premier resort for skiing and one of the most prestigious areas for ski property in the whole Alpine region. The ski properties available reflect this. There are chalet style homes sprinkled across the typically Alpine mountainside, as well ski property apartments to reflect all tastes and budgets. Buying a ski property is becoming a hugely popular option among the frequent skiers, as it represents a better investment than returning multiple times and paying for accommodation. Meribel is one of the favoured villages because of its versatility, with slopes for both new and experienced skiers.

Skiing is one of those sports that looks easy and turns out to be anything but! From learning how to hold the poles, to keeping your skis parallel, there are many lessons to be learned before you can hit the slopes with any degree of confidence. However, once you’ve mastered it, the sport has a lot to offer. You’ll need regular lessons to enjoy it to its maximum, and fortunately there are plenty of ski school options in the beautiful town of Meribel.

At the end of the day when your body aches and it’s getting dark and colder, it will definitely be time to search out a hot chocolate in the bustling town centre. As well as a viceregal market, Meribel boasts a plentiful selection of presage activities and a large number of restaurants and bars to choose from. So from slopes and skiing to sitting and relaxing, Meribel fulfils all of the criteria to make it all-round ideal location for a ski break. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Alps, the ski properties available here represent a remarkably good choice for a second home.

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