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Posted on Monday 01st December 2014 | Lesley Thomas

The advantages of investing in a ski property

The popularity of investing in property in the Alps has risen steadily in recent years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down in the future.

Purchasing a property in the Alps provide the perfect second home for all seasons; with skiing and other Alpine pursuits popular in the winter months and activities including climbing, hiking, kayaking or even paragliding available in the summer. Whatever the weather, a getaway to your very own chalet or apartment, with its fresh mountain air, relaxed pace of life and stunning scenery is sure to leave you feeling fully refreshed.

A ski property is also a sound financial investment. A property offers great returns in more than just money, whether you intend to make a purchase as a simple holiday rental or are purchasing as a company for use by its employees.

Whatever the reason, we have laid out the advantages of owning property for sale in the Alps to help you make the most of your ski property as an investment:

1. It's a buyer's market

The French and Swiss property markets are very much buyer's markets at the moment, with low mortgage rates and reasonable purchase prices. Outside of Paris and the French Riviera, the Alpine regions offer some of the best property hot spots in France and Switzerland in terms of desirability and exclusivity.

2. High rental demand

The demand for rental ski properties is incredible, particularly in the popular ski seasons. More ski tourists are flocking to the slopes each year and are demanding quality, temporary accommodation. Such demand drives up rental rates, leading to excellent yields for owners. Additionally, occupancy rates are improving in the low season, with many resorts now retaining their popularity throughout the year.

3. It's yours

By owning a ski property, this means that you get to use it as well. Whether for business or pleasure, the Alps are a fabulous destination for any type of holiday goer. An Alpine chalet or apartment can be used by the entire family, or friends, giving you the opportunity to spend time with loved ones in a winter wonderland. With Christmas round the corner, this is a particularly tantalising opportunity.

4. Location, location, location

To maximise your occupancy rates, make sure you invest in a property located in a resort that also offers a range of activities in the summer months. Also, properties based at lower altitudes can succumb to inconsistent snowfall – so take this into account when deciding where to purchase.

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